Delphi is where Apollo slained the dragon Python and founded his own temple. Those who are wondering about their life are welcomed to Delphi to discover his past and future. You can find out the future of your Python code as well using Delphi.


There are two ways to write python code. By using the batch mode and the interactive mode.

Batch mode, or whatever you might call it, is the most common way to execute a python scrpipt just by running python However, it can frustrating to have a change-close-execute-open-change-close-execute cycle.

Interactive mode is responsive, it shows you the result right away. But it quickly becomes unmanageable as soon as you have more than one function or a few variables.

Delphi gives you a third option to write your python code. The idea is similar to Apple’s Playground. Though not as fancy, I believe it is incredibly useful.


Nothing illustrates better than a video.
(The video is included in the repo, see delphi.mp4)


Delphi Depends on:

  • Pathogen
  • vim-addon-background-cmd, which depends on:
  • A vim with client-server function. You can check whether it does by executing vim --version | grep "clientserver", if it gives you something like +clientserver then you are good to go. If you see -clientserver, then you might have to install another version.
    • on Mac OS you can use homebrew.


If you have any thoughts about this project, please let me know! If you like Delphi let’s work on making it more robust and powerful.