所以,从今天开始就不要抛硬币了。让我们一起唱:“Choice will never bother me anymore .”
下载地址:————敬请期待 (不好意思噢,现在只有iOS版本可供下载。如果大家喜欢的话安卓版本可能也会出现噢。)
Tired of flipping a coin to make decisions? Try Decisive!
We both know that flipping a coin is not that simple. It is the art of bringing little surprises to your life. It also takes away the burden of making trivial decisions. 
Decisive is a powerful replacement for your normal coin-flipping. It features an intuitive and clean interface. And don’t forget it is *powerful* as well. You can use it to choose from more than two candidates — how can you do that using a coin, right?
Throw away your coin and embrace Decisive. Let’s sing together: ” Choice will never bother me anymore! “
Download now on App Store: —to be announced. (Sorry, it is only available on iOS at this time. If you
really like Decisive, let me know, we’ll make it work on Android.).

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