Pocket Assembly

Run LC-3 Assembly on the palm of your hands!

Use it to do your homework or just for fun!

Download Pocket Assembly today!

The LC-3 assembly language is developed by Yale N. Patt and Sanjay J.Patel for instructional purposes. It features a relatively simple set of instructions and yet is capably of performing many different kinds of tasks.

Pocket Assembly App Icon
Pocket Assembly App Icon


  • Write and compile LC-3 Assembly LanguageIMG_0794
  • A simple-to-use debugger
  • Open .txt and .asm file right from your mailboxIMG_0801
  • Custom keyboard makes entering code much easierIMG_0796
  • Provides different fonts and font sizes to chooseIMG_0800
  • Supports input and output to console.IMG_0798
  • Free and no ad.

App store address:



The PennSim software developed by University of Pennsylvania has inspired the development of Pocket Assembly greatly.

Illyabusigin, his shared code on github(https://github.com/illyabusigin/CYRTextView) has made the creation of this app much more efficient.

Device Requirement:

iOS 7.0 or later, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Debugger Info:

  • Run: execute the program until reaches a breakpoint or the Suspend button has been pressed
  • Step: execute one single instruction and then stops, will step into subroutines
  • Next: execute one single instruction and then stops but will not step into subroutines. In other words, it will not step into TRAP and JSR instructions.
  • Suspend: suspend the execution of the machine.

Currently Unsupported Features:

  • Interruptions
  • RTI instruction
  • External labels

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