Stimulator/Iphone/Ipad not updating changes in storyboard

As I am working on my project, I encountered this strange thing. The changes I made in storyboard (in Interface Builder) will not be updated on my iPad. But they will be updated on my iPhone and the simulators.

So, I am pretty sure it is a bug on Apple’s side. But somehow I have to work my way around it. I tried deleting the project and re-run it. Doesn’t work. Restart my iPad and computer. Doesn’t work. I even tried updating the operating system on iPad. Doesn’t work as well.

But then I encountered this one simple solution that worked like a charm for me. This is originally posted on:

“Have you tried Clean & Clean Build Folder (Product > Clean, and for Clean Build Folder hold Alt/Opt). Usually a combination of those two, plus restarting Xcode, fixes these weird problems.” by Lucky036

Problem solved. I still don’t know what caused this bug and how to replicate it. But in case someone run into the same problem, I hope this might help.