Falsetrend is a game about technical analysis. Your goal is to predict whether the stock will go up or down in the future, based on its historical data. The stock data is real historical data and there are a wide range of indicators that you can utilize. You might either want to practice your analysis … More Falsetrend


Minecraft Storymode

Minecraft is a fun game. I remember downloading lots of maps featuring a semi-RPG style of playing. Finally there is an official version of it! I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes Minecraft. I cannot over emphasize that it has an amazing graphics and animation. The plot was interesting as well. Currently there … More Minecraft Storymode


  Delphi Delphi is where Apollo slained the dragon Python and founded his own temple. Those who are wondering about their life are welcomed to Delphi to discover his past and future. You can find out the future of your Python code as well using Delphi. Rationale There are two ways to write python code. … More Delphi

Substitution and Vignere Cipher solver

Ciphers is a collections of tools useful for breaking simple ciphers. I wrote them for my Cryptography class. I cannot imaging doing the calculations all by myself without the aid from computer. Anyway, I hope this can help other people who is struggling with their homework, or is simply interested in cryptography! https://github.com/thethirduniverse/Ciphers Substitution Cipher What … More Substitution and Vignere Cipher solver

14 things I didn’t know about python before I read the language reference

You can attach an else clause to while and for loop, which will be executed once when the loop finishes normally. Do note that it will not be executed if you ‘break’ out of a loop.    1 x=3    2 while x>0:    3     print “x is {}”.format(x)    4     … More 14 things I didn’t know about python before I read the language reference


不要再抛硬币了!来试试看Decisive吧! 抛硬币其实是一种情怀。它是一种给生活带来细小的惊喜的态度。它也可以使你摆脱无尽的纠结。 Decisive的使命就是代替硬币替你做出决定。我们紧抓抛硬币的精髓,然后完全舍弃硬币的形式。这就使得它可以帮你从多于三个的可能中公平随机的选择一个——比硬币厉害多了吧。 Decisive的界面也已经尽可能地精简,最快的情况下只要点一下就可以——这么快你敢信? 所以,从今天开始就不要抛硬币了。让我们一起唱:“Choice will never bother me anymore .” 下载地址:————敬请期待 (不好意思噢,现在只有iOS版本可供下载。如果大家喜欢的话安卓版本可能也会出现噢。) Tired of flipping a coin to make decisions? Try Decisive! We both know that flipping a coin is not that simple. It is the art of bringing little surprises to your life. It also takes away the burden of making trivial decisions.  … More Decisive

Random Walk Simulator

In the algorithm class I take, we came across to this random walk problem. In the one-dimensional version of this problem, you have an equal possibility to move left or right (by the same distance). Let’s say, after 25,000 moves, where do you expect your self to be? This problem can be easily extended to … More Random Walk Simulator

Better completion handling when dealing with many UIDocuments

Hi there, in this article, I am going to illustrate two different methods for better completion handling of UIDocuments. The openWithCompletionHandler: method will try to open the document on a background thread, which can help prevent blocking, but some times it can create problems. Let me show you what I mean. I first create the documents … More Better completion handling when dealing with many UIDocuments